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07300, Kyiv region,
Vyshgorod city,
14, Sholudenko

Multichannel tel./fax:
+38 044 390-66-70
+38 044 579-25-02
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Physical security

Physical security is a complex of security measures aimed at provision of a continuous functioning of an object and preservation of its material values.

The Company renders the following types of physical security:

  • Security of public institutions;
  • Security of industrial, production and warehouse facilities of any category of difficulty;
  • Security of offices, business-centres, banks, trading houses;
  • Security of sport complexes, museums and exhibition centres;
  • Security of Christian churches and architectural constructions for religious services;
  • Security during events of commercial and mass cultural nature;
  • Close protection services for legal and natural persons;
  • Security and escorting of valuable cargos within the territory of Ukraine;
  • Response of critical incidence groups to actuation of fire and security alarm systems at an object being under technical security.

The main functions of the security are to:

  • Prevent any attempts of unauthorized access to the object under security;
  • Protect material valuables (products, raw materials, equipment, buildings and constructions of an enterprise);
  • Prevent unauthorised withdrawal/removal of material values and documents;
  • Control access mode (employees, visitors and vehicles);
  • Carry out patrolling of the territory under security;
  • Prevent unlawful actions in relation to the object under security and its employees;
  • Maintain public order.

When taking an object under its security, the specialists of the Company conduct an overall inspection of the object in order to detect the most efficient security tactics. The Companys employees, while discharging their duties, are supplied with an established uniform and equipped with the required communication and protection means. All our employees annually pass medical examination and tests on professional suitability. The level of professional knowledge and skills of the employees are under constant surveillance of both the leadership of the Company and subdivisions of the MIA of Ukraine.



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