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Protection with technical equipment

Presently, the most efficient means of property security is the Central Security Consol (CSC). With a single investment in installation of a fire and security alarm system at an object, the client can obtain a reliable protection of property for a subscription fee, which is not much as compared to the costs of physical security of the object.

The Companys Security Consol is equipped with advanced systems. The technical systems are Intel-GSM, and VIRIAL. Information on the object under security goes to the Security Console via a dedicated line or GSM channel, and is duplicated by verbal communication separately or simultaneously, which excludes a number of problems on objects security performed through a telephone line (cable rupture, channel cut-off, routine maintenance at ATS and other).

As soon as an actuation alarm is received at the Security Consol, a rapid response team sets off for the object. The duties of the rapid response team are: to visit the site of the signal output, to detect the cause of the alarm actuation, and, in the case of unlawful actions committed by third persons, to detain these and deliver to the law enforcement authorities.

On a clients request, our employee shall visit the site (free of charge); provide comprehensive information on an efficient blocking circuit for the object, the installation costs for security alarm system and a subscription fee.

The Central Guard Console performs security of objects of various types: apartments, houses, offices and other office premises.

The Company drafts and fulfils installation works on fire and security alarm systems, video surveillance, access control systems,and monitoring of fire alarm systems and equipment maintenance.

The price for installation works depends on equipment which is to be installed at the object.



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